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Jumeirah Trading Company Ltd., (JTC) is the franchise for Baskin Robbins ice cream in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  With its expertise and vast experience in distributing ice cream and frozen products, JTC has successfully promoted Baskin Robbins ice cream in the major cities of the Kingdom through its exclusive Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Five Star Hotels and Amusement Centres.

JTC, previously JTE, had opened its first Baskin Robbins Stores in the capital city, Riyadh in the year 1981 and since then it has made substantial growth.  Today, with over 100 exclusively Retail Stores, Baskin Robbins is the market leader in the premium ice cream category.

The Objective of JTC is to get as close to the consumer as possible and to see to it that any customer who wants to eat Baskin Robbins can find a Baskin Robbins Retail Store in the nearby vicinity.  And to ensure quality of the products, the choice of flavours, highly hygienic and captivating Retailing environment and a good customer service.

  Head Office Location:
3rd Floor, Room No: 304,
Akhariya Building, King Saud Street, Dammam,
Saudi Arabia.

Postal Address:
Box No: 1401,
Dammam - 31431,
Saudi Arabia.

Contact Nos:
Phone No: 8343410 / 8332548
Fax No: 8350019

Administration: ho@jtcl.com.sa
Web Administrator: edp@jtcl.com.sa



Riyadh Jeddah
   Phone No.

(3) 8332548

(1) 4952274 / 4952278

(2) 6991763 / 6222029

   Fax No. (3) 8350019 (1) 4952194 (2) 6221544

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